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I am a

private individual

1- Why use Bikesapp ?

bikesapp guarantees my new vehicles’ entry into service according to manufacturer expectations by means of a procedure. I have access to a digital user manual, a timeline of maintenances and the possibility of incorporating all documents relative to the maintenance of my mobility product. Thanks to a geo-tracking system, I can view all dealerships around me using the Bikesapp services.

2- How much does it cost ?

Download and use are free (excluding paid options)

3- How do I create my account ?

Download the Bikesapp application free on application stores (Apple and Google), then fill-in all required fields, the user must accept the General Terms and Conditions (available on

4- How can I use Bikesapp with my dealership to get my New Vehicle delivered ?

On the day of delivery of my New Vehicle, launch the app, press take delivery, present the Qrcode that appears to my dealership, who will scan it, let the app guide you while paying attention to the information given (Confirm the points mentioned on my Smartphone, this confirmation will be worth signing)

5- What information can I find ?

In the “my garage” menu, I can find the photo of my vehicle (not contractual), I can access the user manual provided by the manufacturer, the registration of the vehicle, the chassis number and the end of warranty date, in one click.

6- How do I add events to my timeline ?

Once you have got to grip with the app, go to my garage and add events with the “+” sign for manufacturer inter maintenance events and with the pen for the manufacturer maintenance events. I can enter text and scan documents (invoices etc.)

7- How can I geo-track brand service points around me ?

home page, bugger menu in the top left (click on the chosen dealership, the information appears)

8- How does the small search engine work ?

If you know the name of the shop you are looking for, enter the first letters, the name of the shop will appear

9- Is my data protected ?

Data is stored in France at OVH and protected by a complex architecture and anti-hacker systems

10- Will my data be used for commercial purposes ?

Our confidentiality charter guarantees the non-disclosure of your data in addition to the new Data Protection Regulations

11- Who has access to my data ?

The manufacturer, who must guarantee the mobility product for a period of 1 to 2 years and be able to contact you in the case of a recall campaign, the dealership who knows you as a customer, and the company P.H.I. as administrator of the application

12- Who has access to my maintenance documents (scan comment) ?

Only the company P.H.I. could have access to your uploaded documents

13- Who has access to my rating and my comment at the end of delivery ?

Only the manufacturer can have access to the ratings and comments left by customers provided they have subscribed to the Bikesapp option (it is not a Google type rating)

14- Can anyone else take delivery for me ?

No, the app is intended to ensure that it is the person who will use the product that is at the dealership on the day of delivery

15- What happens if I change my device ?

If you change your device but keep your number, you can recover your data on your new smartphone, your account is linked with your mobile number

16- What happens if I change operator and phone number ?

In this case it is advisable to contact the company P.H.I. to obtain the necessary explanations to transfer the data

17- My dealership uses Bikesapp but I do not have a smartphone, what will happen ?

My dealership will use its own device to deliver my New Vehicle, the process is the same, I will not have access to Bikesapp services

18- If I get a smartphone later on, can I recover my vehicle data ?

Not in the immediate future, this is currently under study at Bikesapp

19- Despite the advantages of Bikesapp, I do not want to be delivered via this, app, how does it work ?

I have the choice not to have my vehicle delivered via the the Bikesapp application, in this case, my dealership will use their own smartphone for the delivery in my necessary presence. I will validate the checklist at the same time as the dealer, at the end of delivery I will not have access to the available services (timeline, geo-tracking etc.)

20- If I sell my vehicle, can I transfer my data ?

Not in the immediate future, this is under study at Bikesapp

21- Is a hotline available ?

Yes in the bugger menu, contact us, during office hours Monday – Friday for the moment

22- Can I unsubscribe from the service and how ?

Each Bikesapp user can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to Bikesapp at, the data (personal and vehicle) will be overwritten permanently without possibility of recovering data, this action is at the initiative of the customer and is irrevocable

23- I have a suggestion or a comment to make to Bikesapp, how can I do so ?

Ideally via the email, you will receive an answer within 48H

I am a


1- Why use Bikesapp pro ?

Bikesapp optimises the traceability of products that transit through my sales outlet (motorcycles, bikes, Electric bicycles, scooters)

The supplier is notified instantly if a product is received with a defect. I have a preparation and delivery check list according to the manufacturer’s expectations. My back office enables me to controle and manage my history brand by brand.

2- First steps with the app

You are distributing a brand that has chosen to use Bikesapp services. Here is how to implement the services

A sales outlet manager needs to be defined (usually the manager, the director, the sales manager)

You must recover your username and password from the manufacturer who deploys the service in the outlets (of which you are part)

Download Bikesapp pro on at least one device (iOS or Android) in the sales outlet

You have to log in the back-office for the first time (web) with your username and password (always the same ones provided by the manufacturer)

3- How much does the service cost ?

The manufacturer bears the cost of the service unless otherwise specified by the latter

4- How do I download Bikesapp pro ?

On Google or Apple stores, downloading is free

5- How do I connect to my mobile app ?

I use a username and a password (provided by the manufacturer)

6- How do I receive a product ?

Sign in on the Bikesapp Pro app

Product reception: in the menu Receiving a vehicle, scan the bar code at the checkout or type the chassis number in upper case

Follow the procedure, check the packing NTR or Damaged, photo, comments

product control: NTR or damaged = photo comments

7- I have received a defective vehicle, what do I do ?

The vehicle will be in Blocked status in your back-office and that of the manufacturer, an email informs the manufacturer’s customer service. They will therefore aware of the difficulties encountered in the outlet, and can  repare the fix pending your requests through the usual procedures

8- How do I prepare a product ?

In the menu Prepare a vehicle, scan the bar code under the seat or scan on the back-office screen (backup Qrcode)

The specific checklist will appear, follow and confirm the steps until the end

9- How do I deliver a vehicle to customers ?

In the menu Deliver a vehicle:

Scan customer smartphone Qrcode

Scan vehicle bar code (or back-office backup Qrcode)

Follow the administrative and technical process

End of delivery comment

10- My customer has a smartphone but does not want to be delivered via the application, what can I do ?

A customer can ask not to be delivered via the application (the customer has not created his account on Bikesapp), in this case I use the same process as with a customer without a smartphone

11- Should I declare the commissioning of a vehicle at the end of delivery to the manufacturer ?

No, the app automatically declares the commissioning and sends the customer account data to the manufacturer

12- Can I find the history of a vehicle ?

In my back-office I can access all the history of reception, preparation and delivery

13- Does the manufacturer have access to the data ?

Yes, the service is at the initiative of the manufacturer, he has access to double the information in his back-office

14- Can I create a ``user`` profile in my outlet ?

Yes, in your back-office, in the User menu, New, you can create a login and password

15- Can I delete a user ?

Yes, in the User menu, delete

16- Can a user connect to my back-office ?

No, their username and password do not allow this, they can only use their device to receive, prepare and deliver.

17- How do the two smartphones communicate ?

Via a secure service that uses the Web, there is no Bluetooth connection between the devices

18- Can I unlock a vehicle in my back-office ?

Yes, click on the small lock (with the authorisation of the sales outlet manager who is the only one with access to this functionality in their back-office)

19- Can I prepare a vehicle in blocked status in the back-office ?

No, it is not possible to prepare a blocked vehicle, only the sales outlet manager has this prerogative with their Username and password in the back-office

20- Can the manufacturer unblock a vehicle ?

No, the manufacturer cannot unblock a blocked vehicle, only the sales outlet manager or a person with their back-office login details can do so

21- Am I automatically geo-tracked when I join the network of a manufacturer who subscribed to Bikesapp ?

Yes, you will appear in the geo-tracked list from the referencing of your sales outlet.

22- Can I work with several manufacturers ?

Yes, with different usernames and passwords (provided by the different manufacturers)

23- Can I choose my username and password ?

Yes, you can make a request via the Bikesapp hotline or the contact box

24- My customer does not have a smartphone, can I deliver to him using Bikesapp ?

Yes, in the Deliver a vehicle menu, new customer, follow the procedure, everything happens on your dealership device (the checklist is identical to a double smartphone delivery, the customer does not access any Bikesapp services)

25- I have received and prepared a vehicle with Bikesapp but I forgot to make the delivery with the app, how do I make the « administrative » delivery ?

You may have forgotten to deliver a vehicle with the application, to update the inventory in the back-office, you can deliver a vehicle administratively, by using the customer without smartphone function, then, follow the different steps.
Please note that the customer will not have his vehicle in his garage thereafter.

26- How can I get help using Bikesapp ?

From your manufacturer, via the Bikesapp contact page, via the Bikesapp hotline

27- What happens if my manufacturer stops using ¤the Bikesapp service ?

Your username and password become inactive, you no longer have access to the Bikesapp history, as well as the employee profiles created in your dealership.

28- I have a suggestion (technical or commercial) to submit to Bikesapp or the manufacturer, how should I go about it ?

Use the Bikesapp contact page or the hotline, our teams will record your proposal and transfer it to the right people.

I am

a manufacturer/importer

1- Why use Bikesapp ?

I can visualise the complete activity of my network (without any boundaries) for which I can find all vehicle histories by vehicle in my back-office.

I have data available (according to selected options) to continuously improve my network (sales or after sales).

Product commissioning is instantaneous (subject to setting up the link to your CRM) Bikesapp ensures reliable feedback of consumer data

2- Can my resellers be multi-brand ?

A reseller can be multi-brand and each brand can subscribe to Bikesapp services, activities by brand are differentiated

3- My brand is present in several countries, does the Bikesapp hotline work ?

Bikesapp can offer a (optional) multilingual hotline service (in 12 languages) to answer first level technical questions, transfer of customer requests within 24 hours